Fire Modeling

Pre and post-fire computer modeling using state-0f-the-art tools like FARSITE, FLAMMAP and Wind-Ninja.

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Policy & Planning

Development and wildfire planning policy to mitigate hazards while protect communities and the environment.

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Hazard Mitigation

We develop and execute plans for vegetation management, structural hazard mitigation, and community risk reduction.

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Web Design

Fire Department Web Design services provide your company or agency with a professional, modern, standards compliant website that stands out from the scores of template driven, amateur, pre-packagsd websites available today.Our complete web design packages help the Fire Service, Local and Regional Government, Labor Unions and Small Business deliver state of the art, graphically beautiful websites at a fraction of the price of other web design companies.  

We offer web hosting through several proven providers in the US, depending on your needs, with options such as hosted Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Intranets, Dedicated, Shared or Virtual Managed Servers, Custom PHP programming, Drupal, Joomla!, or Wordpress Content Management Systems (CMS), and custom Web Application development.  

Our 100% California based design team understands the advantages, limitations and capabilities of all current web deployment platforms and can help you decide which system is right for your needs and budget.

A clean, professional, modern looking and easy to navigate site is a must in today's world.  If you provide a public service or product, and do not have a website that portrays your site competitively with the "big boys," your agency or business is failing its mission.  With fresh, stylized adaptations of your logos and existing designs, or from-scratch business designs with matching logos, letterhead, business cards, etc, we'll bring your design to the forefront of today's competitive internet marketplace.

Small Businesses appreciate our ability to provide rapid turnaround from concept to production, and respond quickly to the needs of small companies that must compete against large corporations for top placements on search engines. With success stories like Cave Springs Resort, a small motel whose Google rankings beat out the two largest motel chains in the world, we can help to leverage the web to market your business.

Web Hosting for Fire Departments and Emergency Services

Green Web Hosting for Fire DepartmentsThe best designed websites can only deliver the desired results when paired with fast and reliable web hosting.  A web host is a provider who stores all of your website’s files and images on a server or network of servers.  Whenever someone accesses your site, the host delivers your web pages over the internet.There are many free or very cheap hosting services out there, but website owners must rememebr that not all of hosts are created equal.  This is especially important to fire departments and other agencies whose websites provide critical public information during emergencies and other disasters.  While it may be tempting to choose a low or no-cost option, keep in mind that you’ll most likely sacrifice service and reliability.  
The best web hosting, like ours, will deliver when it counts with site performance, customer service, reliability, and redundancy during periods of high demand.As part of our comprehensive web services, we offer the most reliable web hosting available in the industry.  All of our sites are hosted on a secure servers in the United States, in the best data centers available.  With geographic colocation to help protect your website from downtime during disasters, we operate multiple servers in California and Texas.  
Our packages include web domains, email accounts, and all the little extras.  Visitors to your site will enjoy quick-loading pages, consistently smooth performance, and virtually zero downtime, building credibility and customer trust.  We have developed specific contingency plans to ensure that our fire and emergency services customers will have reliable, scalable service - from bandwidth to storage space - on a moment's notice when disaster strikes and their websites are most important.Whether you already have a hosting provider or you need a service customized for your brand-new web site, we can offer a custom solution tailored to your needs. Contact us to learn more.



Fire Department Intranets

Fire Department Intranets, Labor Union Intranets, Corporate Intranets.We pioneered the use of Microsoft SharePoint Services for Fire Department Intranets in 1999.  Today, we can provide emergency services agencies with hosted, secure web-based intranets that leverage the power and flexibility of mobile devices and anywhere internet access with the need for secure internal communications and data sharing.

We offer custom internets based on simple and reliable proven platforms including Google Apps for Government, Joomla! CMS, and Microsoft Sharepoint.  

Microsoft SharePoint offers tremendous flexibility and security,a robust web-based intranet that integrates fluidly with the Microsoft Office platform and any other web service - perfect for internal communications in the Fire Service.  Our experience in fire department management and firefighting in general helps us understand the organizational communication needs that are unique to the Fire Service.

Combined with our unique, web based online staffing solution (the most flexible and least expensive in the industry) created for fire department shift-scheduling from the ground up, our unique platform will help your fire department function and communicate more effectively.

Our Hosted Intranet solutions are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and allow your department to outsource server maintenance to professionals in the US who ONLY deal with SharePoint - saving you time and money.


Wildfire Modeling

Wildfire flame length modeling around a communityXMR Fire can assist municipalities, landowners, planning agencies, communities, and individuals better understand their risk and identify hazards with state-of-the-art wildfire modeling and mapping.  We develop custom fuel models and utilize custom tools based on industry standard wildfire modeling software like FlamMap, FARSITE, BehavePlus, and Wind Ninja to simulate fire across and environment, potentially identifying assets and locations most likely to burn, and determining potential impacts such as heat output, spotting potential, and previously unknown hazards.  

Our modeling can assist in pre and post-fire planning, helping determing best locations for fuel breaks, determining travel time for fires under modeling conditions, and comparing scenarios and mitigation measures.

Wildfire Policy

Wildfire Hazard Assessment and CWPPMunicipalities, landowners, planning agencies, and communities must adapt to wildfire by developing and implementing policies to address hazards while identifying and acknowledging risk.  Land use policy, development and building standards, and design criteria are all addressed through hands-on hazard evaluation and risk assessment, utilizing modeling, expert knowledge of fire behavior and best practices. and a thorough understanding of the fire environment surrounding your community.

We can guide plan development, including Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs), Hazards and Risk Assessments, and individual property vegetation and fire hazard mitigation plans.  

We assist fire agencies in development of wildfire hazard standards and code adoption, municipalities on land use and development practives to minimize risk, and homeowner groups on bylaw and policy adoption to address individual properties and open spaces.